sunnuntai, 20. joulukuu 2015

Christmas Greeting

Still busy doing two different presents for Christmas, one to be finished before starting the last. So, I do know what to do with my "spare" time. ;) 

Wishing a Wonderful and Merry Christmas and
all the good things to come for the New Year of 2016!


keskiviikko, 2. syyskuu 2015

Time flies

Seem to have less and less stuff to put in the blog these days, 'cos everything is already showed and said in Facebook. Sorry about the repetitions.


Seems like I take the camera with me less and less, too. Last winter was wet and didn't want to risk it, and then the summer has been the same but only the last two weeks. Got used to not having it with me, so now it ofter is left behind when we go somewhere. Would need an extra camera to keep in my bag. ;)


Our wall renovation is not finished either. This summer has not been a good one for doing jobs outside. In normal summer we would've absolutely been doing also the corners that we just have to leave for next summer. Can't risk it if the winter comes early. And you never know. Still corners around the windows and paint, then it's ready for now.


Send-off party for our son-in-law at our daughter's. Some chinese - well, actually a lot of it - and we got our bellies full. Full tummy, happy mind - isn't that true? =P


And some applepie and "gentelman's biscuits" as a dessert with coffee. 


Fix was also waiting for her share, but was polite enough for not jumping on the table. <3 Well, very different year for the young couple it is to come. Our son-in-law left yesterday for Japan and was there early this morning. All exciting and bit scary, too, at first, but we are one of the adaptable species. <3


A nap blanket as a love-quilt for one young couple. 



After the salad buffet in Kiisanpirtti restaurant (photo in FB) I just had to taste everything there was on offer as warm serving: herring steaks, potato casserole, cabbage casserole, pasta and Karelian hot pot, with home made rye bread. All so yummy! There was also some chocolate mousse as dessert, but forgot to take a photo of it. It was good, too. Was lovely to see my parents as well. Though my mother seems to have bad problems with her eye sight (cataract on both eyes, that will be fixed only after a couple of years, the waiting list for the operation is so long) and with her hearing, that she doesn't want to believe and does not want to go for a doctors check-up. There's some hearing issues in our heritage on my mother's side. Many over 40 has had a hearing aid, but still it seems people feels better not to hear and give stupid answers or comments than keep an aid and actually hear. Strange.

Hope my father has enough patience to cope with that, I had problems only being with my mom for a few hours... She doesn't even say she can't hear and ask a repetition, but hears wrong and answers what ever, not connected to the issue we were actually talking on. Bit frustrating. But that's life and her own decision. We can only suggest, not to force her.

But otherwise they are both happy and lively and healthy enough still to do many, many things. <3

Autumn is clearly starting already here, though it feels like the summer just started. Leafs are turning yellow and red little by little and some trees has already given up their leafs altogether - without changing colours. It's said the wet and cool summer is to blame. But though the sun may shine during the days, it's already really cold, even freezing at places, during the nights. Will have to save my geraniums from the back terrace soon. Need some more window space... ;)

maanantai, 24. elokuu 2015

No more than: this and that, again

Time still seems to fly and I just try to keep up the pace. ;) 


Got new plants (Giant Crinum Lily) to put in soil. Had to keep them in water first, 'cos I didn't have big enough pots for them. This is a new one for me and we just have to see if it survives the winter in my care. I didn't understand it to be this big, so it might be much too big for us when it grows, but I'm sure we'll find a new home for them if it comes to that. At least now that our daughter has been interrested of plants, too. =)


Summer has started, at last. Just before it ends. But we've been enjoying being at the cottage now that the weathers has been nicer. Still raining, but mostly at nights and not as much as earlier on. This is Nella, my yourger brother's dog. She's an oldier already, not as good with hearing and lots of gray on her fur, but still lively and totally happy doggy.


Fix being here a few times since I last posted. 


There's quite cold at nights already, almost freezing. So, brought some of my inside plants in from the terrace. Room is quite dark, but there's window, though. Don't know how will this work, but have to try. Dark winter months are always challenging.


A bit of space for the plants I have in the porch that I need to move away. Porch is taken for the geraniums, that still are out.


Plant "babies". Waiting for the roots, or just put in the soil after getting some. Hope these will grow stronger before I move them into some darker place...


Not much new leafs came during the summer, but loads of flowers and new buds. I think the geraniums are desperate now, after the dark, cool and wet summer. Hope these have energy enough to survive until next Spring and new coming summer.


Chinese bell is opening a flower or two at a time to cheer us up.


Mustis enjoys soft places...


Or just being alive! <3


A sholder of my hubby in upstairs window. Strange! But necessary. =)


All the "must be done" things are now done. Little finishing here and there, before we can paint the wall, and just hoping there's good enough weathers for doing that. If not, then we paint it next Spring. Will be ok, too. So, no worries.


Repe-coton really likes Mustis... 


... but Mustis decides when it's playing time or time to relax. <3


Repe was here for a week, and how the time goes - felt like a day. Always have fun when having him here. Especially our cats feels the same. <3

sunnuntai, 12. heinäkuu 2015

At my sister's

Had really lovey time last night at my sister's. My parents, siblings and their families plus our cousin with some furry friends gathered together.


Two of my sister's dogs (Ekku and Pörri) were with her hubby in Somero, but Jaja stayed home to meet Simo, Luna and...


Paavo. These are the dogs of my sister's daughters. They have dogs as "grandchildren", as we have cats. =D


Lots of yummies to eat and drink.


Jaja is wondering if the things put around the yard are for her. She's really qualified obidience trained dog. But these were for us this time.


Fun and games. Two teams and many points to do different things. I just couldn't stop laughing! I had some difficulties with my skirt, though - too long and wide for some of the tasks, but didn't let that stop me. =P


Warm outside tub was also used a lot.


Tyyne just relaxed and slept almost the whole time. Didn't mind us much. <3


Barbequing. More yummies.


And, of course, music and singing. My youngest brother played guitarr and then we all sang. Lovely! Had to start home quite early, though, 'cos our dogs needed to be walked before the bedtime, as always. But party was continuing for long into this day, what I've heard. Thanks to everybody involved! <3

lauantai, 30. toukokuu 2015

Our daughter's graduation day

Important day, though our daughter didn't want to have big celebration for this. She became a Clothing Artisan today. <3


First time there was some coffee and cake for us to wait for the actual happening to start. Yummy!


Program for the day.


Music first, in between and here and there by their own ancient technology class rhrythm group. Was quite loud, a bit too much for me, but it was kind of suitable, 'cos the most of the graduates were on this course.


Headmaster kept a speech first.


Then some others. There were only six of Clothing Artisans this year, others were different kind of craftsmen.


Toasting for graduation at the end of the celebration.


Wonderful weather and Finnish flag made the day even better. Now there's time to spend with the fellow students and next weekend we have a little celebration of our own. =)