Well, it was a sunny day on Sunday as well. Mostly. So, something in the yard again.


Had to see if there's something in the lanterns of the Golden Berries. These are all still green though some of them has been growing a long time now. Should change colour into yellowish brownish, a bit drier one. But when?


And inside, there is a little berry, a lot like the size I've seen them on desserts somewhere earlier - but raw, of course. Should be golden by colour. Hope there's enough time to get these ready to harvest still.


We have these plants quite many. Luckily this isn't the one that dies of the first frost, but still. Too much cold is too much.


And someone said in the net, that she's been able to keep the cuttings alive in the house through the winter. So, of course, I had to try this, too. The problem is where to put this when we really start heating up the house? Can't keep the wase on hot fireplace... I really would need the separate flower room (dreaming of the one that has a jungle feeling, but has a comfortable chair in to knit or crochet or read...).


Chrysanthemums in the front terrace are looking their best now, I think.


Can't complain! =)


Noticed that also some of my lupins are flowering again. I haven't cut the flowers, 'cos we want them to seed freely to have more of them next year in our yard. But this summer has been so long, they decided it was time to have more flowers.


My tomatoes are already too wet and that's why some of the plants have rot in them and practically all of the fruits are softened. Well, if we don't use them any more, the birds do - this red colour has been a good 'invitation'... We may need some kind of a cover for these plants next year - at least for the end of the summer, when it usually starts raining more.


And then I emptied the rest of the kitchen garden. Looks quite sad now, but will have to turn it over before the winter comes. At least the part that doesn't have plants that are going to live through the winter...


Loads of old growth to go to the compost. Carrot plants, dills and such. Our only compost rack is now full.


My lavenders on the field are having new flower arms in them. Lots of buds soon to be opened.


A couple of pumpkins, small ones, are still growing in the field and I didn't take them off. There's some ufos coming and we'll just see if they make it to the harvest. These are easy to move into the compost later on.


So, 'cos I don't have the proper place for our carrots, we have them stored under the cover of the cellar door in boxes that they will surely not survive for too long. Need to find a good recipe for a carrot casserole...


The upper door is also coming on. Really slowly, but steadily. He needs to keep many thinking pauses on the way. And here's the paint put on the side so had to wait it to dry a bit, too.


Then there's the architrave done...


... the door is still waiting to be shortened out. But that had to wait, 'cos my hubby has lost his chisel with what he was supposed to change the place of the upper hinge. So, here it waits - again.


The pets have mostly been laying around, here and there, in their own favourite positions. Well, what else? Got them running on the dog fence in the back yard for awhile, as well, and 'cos the grass there is quite long already (been much too wet to be using the lawn mower recently), they brought some snails with their fur when I called them to the terrace again for going in. Had to check them through carefully, not to get them slimy things inside...


After the evening walk the pets already were waiting for their evening snacks. It's already so dark at nights that it feels like the time is much later than it actually is at this point.


Yesterday morning the sunrise was colourfull, but soon the sky was full of clouds and it rained the whole day through. I woke up when a tractor drove past with such a load in the carriage it was heavy enough to get the soil vibrate. That's clay. Our house was shaking and the classes in the kitchen cabinets were rambling. Quite scary.


Through the back door curtains we see, it's wet, but we also see the sunflowers that are looking beautiful in the yard. Quite dull already, it's Autumn.


As I thought my yarn ended too short and I had to continue with a bit thicker yarn to get it done. Not finished yet, though. Don't know how to get this presentable in the end, but we'll see.


Then I had the inspiration to try and cook something mostly from our own harvested items. Pumpkins, onions and carrots. Pumpkin pie (with dough) and bake (without a dough).


Used the colour carrots and they looked quite cute in the food.


Upper one is a pie and I put some cheesecream in it. Lower one is a bare bake with seasoned cheese. Both had some bacon in them, as well. And I really liked both of them, but next time I will use some chicken instead of bacon, I think. Curry would've been quite nice with all these other incrediences. But will surelly make some again later on.


And then again - waiting for a night snack. =) Cooked the pie and bake so late it was still smelling in the house when we went to sleep...