Lots of photos taken, I noticed... :P


Got a headache that disturbed my working and then desided to use the camera instead of working. Counted one simple thing so many times wrong I didn't want to waste more time in that.


And luckily I have my dear pets around me, so had something to photo at.


The sun shone somehow on the last photo of Kyösti, but it seems only to get it more dream like, I think.


Though the change of happenings so rapidly got some wonderous faces out of the pets.


Are you sure you know what you're doing?


Ok, here's my pose. ;D


And Susu wanted to give some posings, too.





Her blue eyes are really difficult to get in photos, though.


And when sleeping, even more diffucult. :) It didn't take long that Susu was upstairs taking a nap beside Mustis.


Cute couple.


"Ha, whaaath?!"


Hugging position even with the back paw of Mustis.


Soon they were both tightly asleep...


Nice flowerings. Lighter...


... bit darker...


... and douple colour.


And the orchid in the kitchen.


Could stare this for ages!


First brochure of summer flowers came by post yesterday. Quite lite, 'cos I remember last season the first came already before Christmas.


A LOT of "would like to have" flowers, but nowhere to grow them before planting out. Should have light and cool place for at least a month before. Would want, but...


Finishing touches going on the couple of works now. The hand-made challenge is almost done and this scarf needs only one layer of last cubicle and then it's ready, too. Will start of a new curtains to our bedroom next. With Australian pattern. :)


While I worked in the livingroom (using the table and sofa for my papers), Kadi came to see out of the back door. With a help of the divan she can see over the railings and view the happenings in the road.


Though it was really tiring to see nothing happening...


Soon she was tightly at sleep.


Kissi wanted to be photoed, too.


Cute fur bundle.


It was already quite grey when we went for our afternoon walk yesterday. At some point I just asked them to jump to the side of the road (to the snow) and stay there. Mimi didn't like the cold snow at all and even Kissi would've wanted to be elsewhere - upper still. If Kissi could decide, she would always be on top of everybody - she's BIG (on the opposite of Kadi, that thinks she's small...).


But then Kissi noticed it was nice to run up on the snow and she got others there, too.


Even Mimi noticed she can walk on the snow, though she occationally dropped one leg down and had to work herself up again. Didn't mind much this time.

Got a funny e-mail from UK to my official mailing address. One firm would've wanted me to go to Australia and start their new office there. A firm that rents luxurious holiday appartments around the globe. They have their offices in USA, Europe, Asia and now wants to start in Australia. Said they would pay AUD 3,125 for a week to get things started (a month's salary here in Finland for manager type of job).  Don't really know what's behind this thing. I know nothing of Australian laws, or tax system or even houserentals, so why to contact me? There's not something right in this. Don't know what's the catch, though. The mail didn't have any links to anywhere (so not a spyware or such), but two different e-mail addresses to where there's more info to be found, if I wanted one. Well, though the salary is HUGE, to our standards anyway, I really don't know enough to do anything of the sort to help that firm (even if it would be a correct request).



In the evening Mimi took the warmest place near the fireplace again and enjoyed herself on the soft pillow. Tried to put things together for the sunday's occation (Feeling good-afternoon). Not in a hurry yet, but all things that are done are aways from the weekend. :)