Yesterday was the last sunny day for a while, if the forecast is correct. Raining until the end of next week. More or less. Still it's warm.


Thanks a lot of your lovely postcard of Melbourne, Rhonda! I always enjoy so much receiving cards and letters!


And there also was a card from another blog-friend of her visit to Kokkola. The text says something like: "The door to the happiness opens outwards". So true!

This issue got me to remember the Finnish Post is now trying to get all it's mails delivered electronically. Similar system than e-mail, but personal one that you can't get any junk mail in. I just wonder how they will keep apart the mail receiver things as junk mail (like most of the advertisements)? The idea of less paper in the world is good, but if the mail has been sent in the envelope as a paper and then the post just scans the mail to the system - it just moves the piles of paper to the other location. And though the bills and infos would be great to receive electronically, I still want to open my personal letters and touch and view my cards myself - feeling them fysically. Though they are the same in the pc screen, they feel much more personal by hand, somehow. What do you think?

I somehow feel like if I pay for a card to be received by mail, I hope it goes just as it is, to the receiver. If I want to send a photo and a greeting, I can send it by e-mail and not to pay for a stamp at all... Funny.


When it's been hot here, we are not so hungry during the day. Yesterday I made some hot chicken sandwiches as lunch and then only later in the evening got hungry again.


Our daughter started to fix her bike yesterday, too. Put air to the tyres, scratched some paint out of it. But we didn't have the correct oil and the paint removing takes some time. The work didn't get finished yet.


And 'cos now it rains the rest of the work is still waiting to be done - in better weathers.


Our son is going to a rock concert in a camping sight in Lieto with his friends. Not the best of weathers, though. It was raining when he left with his friends and it will be a wet weekend for them.


Susu tried to find a way to get a suitable corner in some package, but couldn't find one. She would've wanted to travel a bit, too.


Then I got my next scarf ready. This one went to our daughter. I like this colour, though I can't think of using it myself. Lila makes my skin looks yellow.


But it looked good on Kissi, though. She didn't seem to mind.


And again I was a bit excited about the yarn; if it's enough or not. But it was just right.

In the evening we watched the last episode of 'Lost', that two hour ending story. My husband was snoring on the sofa near me, "watching" it, too. :P I looked the first years episodes quite regurlarly, but after that only occationally. Still the end story was so good I didn't want to stop looking until it was all gone. It was quite late when it ended and then it was time to go to sleep already.